Home Renovations in Haslemere, Liphook and Surrounding Areas | Located in the Petersfield Area

Because we have a full subcontractor network of trusted tradespeople who can offer their support to our builders on projects of any size, we believe ourselves to be the dependable choice for home renovations in the surrounding areas. Nursted Builders can maintain and repair properties that have fallen into disrepair or dilapidation, managing the required building work and upgrades to not only make homes habitable but also compliant with current codes.

Our company, based in Petersfield, undertakes renovation and refurbishment projects in all surrounding areas including Haslemere and Liphook.

Home renovations and property refurbishments often utilise the same skillsets and we have experience in them all, but a renovation is usually much larger in scale. Also, the building work could require structural alterations if the build has subsided, or if the job requires us to remove load-bearing walls.

And, whereas refurbishments cover anything from a single room, renovations focus on major disrepair and usually cover the entire property.

As part of a renovation, we can also remodel kitchens and bathrooms.

Reasons to Renovate a Home

Home renovations give you a chance to apply your own unique personality to the design and layout of your property. If you are still living in a home that needs renovating, we will restrict our building work to individual areas to keep disruption to a minimum. Properties in serious dilapidation may require us to erect scaffolding and temporary roofing to keep the interior protected.

Should we ever need you to vacate so our builders and tradespeople can do the required work safely, we will let you know when planning the job.

A renovation can focus on a series of key components:

Maintenance and Repairs

These home renovations cover the repair and reinstatement of the things a homeowner, or a buyer, would expect to be in place. A functional roof that doesn’t leak, and a roofline that keeps the roof space dry and ventilated, will be made priorities, as will any structural alterations. Renovating also gives us a chance to make sure installations and systems are up to current codes.

This means that a quotation could include essential electrical, plumbing and heating work so that your home complies with the latest legislation.

Curb Appeal

Aesthetics are obviously important, so our builders and tradespeople place a keen emphasis on the exterior as well as the interior. Curb appeal is usually the first thing that attracts a buyer so, if you are renovating a home as a “fixer-upper” with the intention to sell it on and make a profit, you will want the property to grab everybody’s attention even before they see the interior.

To enhance curb appeal, home renovations can include window and door replacement, rendering, external painting and even landscaping work.

Adding Resale Value

The more money that you invest into a home, especially in terms of upgrades and additions, the higher the market resale value will be should you ever wish to sell. This is something we factor into every renovation project. To optimise your return on investment, Nursted Builders insists on the use of good quality materials that will last for decades and inspire faith in potential buyers.

If you plan to stay in a Petersfield, Haslemere, Liphook or surrounding areas home, a quality finish today will save you money on further repairs in the future.

Adding Amenities

Keep in mind that home renovations can also concentrate on functionality. A remodelled kitchen can become the social hub of your property. Having a bathroom refurbished will give you a relaxing haven away from the busy pace of family life. Open-plan designs can make homes feel more spacious, and we can extend or convert to give a property more habitable space.

A renovation gives you the chance to own a home that has been styled in a way that suits your preferences and the way that you like to live.

For home renovations in Petersfield and the surrounding Haslemere, Liphook and surrounding areas, call Nursted Builders on 0772 504 7308.